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Home Colour Trends for Summer 2013

Posted on by Simplicity Blinds

When decorating your home, the colour you are going to choose is usually one of the first and most important decisions you are going to make. Based on personal tastes and preferences, colour is entirely subjective. However, the arrival of certain colour trends can help steer you in the right direction and one of the key factors influencing these trends is the seasons.

So with summer hurtling around the corner, we take you through the top five colour trends for summer 2013…

#1 Green

Lime Green Interior DecorPantone named emerald the ‘Colour of the Year 2013’ and, since then, various shades of green have appeared in style magazines, interior furnishing shops and homes throughout the country. Whether you opt for a bright, spring green or a deeper, darker olive shade, greens are synonymous with nature and this enables you to bring the outside in – perfect for summer!

Greens can be utilised in a huge variety of ways – from an imposing feature wall to a few small accessories. Additionally, curtains and blinds in variations of green can instantly revitalise your home, as can getting your furniture upholstered.


#2 Soft Oranges

Soft Orange Interior DecorCoral, peach, terracotta, apricot…soft oranges are instantly warming and their versatile nature makes them ideal for any room in your home. Whether you want to create a Mediterranean-style kitchen or a striking bedroom design, the range of oranges available is sure to have the perfect shade for everyone.

Orange can be a very dramatic colour and looks great as a feature wall. Similarly, choosing a few accent items in orange – such as curtains, blinds or upholstery, can create the same summery effect without the vivid intensity.


#3 Ombré

Purple ombre curtainsAccording to Dulux, one of the top trends this summer is ombré. Over the past few months the word ombré (once a hardly known, rarely used little word) has come into most people’s style consciousness and is also known as ‘dip-dye’. We’ve seen it in hair, we’ve noticed the rise of dip-dyed t-shirts and now it’s coming into our homes.


The trend involves fading one colour into another – usually variants of the same shade. This can be done with paint on your walls or with curtains or blinds for a dramatic effect.


#4 Beige

Beige Interior DesignBeige may make you think ‘boring’; but this couldn’t be further from the truth and, in fact, beige and neutral palettes are one of the key trends for summer 2013. When beige is mixed correctly with shades of cream, off-white and various earthy tones, the effect is both incredibly elegant and strikingly serene, and this clean, stylish combination is perfect for summer. It is also an ideal way to decorate your home and it can easily be updated or altered with a few accessories.


#5 Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow interior designLemon yellow is a great colour for summer; it’s a bright, vibrant, high-energy colour which is said to have a positive effect on anyone around it. In China, yellow represents happiness and glory – something intrinsically associated with the summer months – and softer lemon yellows can achieve this whilst still creating a pastel base.

Lemon can look stunning on a wall or used as the colour of your upholstery, and lemon blinds or curtains create the illusion of a much sunnier exterior, helping you to bring a drop of sunshine to your home.



If this has inspired you to make a change this summer – whether you fancy completely transforming your home or simply updating the furnishings within it, get in contact with the team at Simplicity Interiors today! We have an extensive range of fantastic blinds, curtains, flooring / carpets and upholstery and, with over 70,000 fabrics available, you are sure to find your perfect summer shade within our collection!

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